Steering Committee

HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE is run by a Steering Committee comprising the seven founding partners:

and seven partners who have since joined the Steering Committee:

AIDS-Free World served on the Steering Committee between 2017-19.

The HIV Justice Network is the secretariat for HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE, co-ordinating its various activities.

Members of the Steering Committee are invited to join by the current members of the Steering Committee, based on our common shared values and principles and the following criteria:

  • The majority of Steering Committee member organisations should have people living with HIV on their board and in senior leadership roles within the organisation.
  • All Steering Committee member organisations must demonstrate/evidence their organisation’s commitment to working on HIV criminalisation.
  • Preference will be given to organisations/networks working globally and/or regionally, although membership from national organisations/networks working in countries where HIV criminalisation is a major issue will be considered.