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HIV criminalisation describes the unjust application of the criminal law to people living with HIV based solely on their HIV status - either via HIV-specific criminal statutes, or by applying general criminal laws that allow for prosecution of unintentional HIV transmission, potential or perceived exposure to HIV where HIV was not transmitted, and/or non-disclosure of known HIV-positive status.

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8. Do you specialise in gender issues related to HIV criminalisation or other forms of criminalisation?

9. Which of the following activities related to HIV criminalisation are actively carried out by your organisation? Select all that apply.

10. Does your organisation actively carry out work on HIV-related discrimination issues, and, if yes, in which areas? Select all that apply.

11. Would your organisation be able to offer practical or technical support to other organisations/groups working in HIV criminalisation?

12. Please tell us what services/resources, related to HIV criminalisation work, you might be able to offer support with (e.g. legal services, policy work, campaigning, etc)

13. Is your expertise specific to a particular geographic area or population?

14. Please tell us what services/resources, related to HIV criminalisation work, your organisation would like to receive support with (e.g.access to legal services, help with policy work, advocacy etc).

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