Beyond Blame: Challenging HIV Criminalisation for HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE

Beyond Blame: Challenging Criminalisation for HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE took place during the first week of the viritual HIV2020 conference.

The online version of Beyond Blame was a unique opportunity for both new and long-established activists to learn why HIV criminalisation matters, as well as hear about the wide range of initiatives and strategies that have been used by activists around the world to end the inappropriate use of criminal law to regulate and punish people living with HIV.

The interactive web show was hosted by HJN’s Executive Director, Edwin J Bernard, and featured interviews with various members of the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE coalition, as well as members of the HIV Justice Network’s Global Advisory Panel (GAP).

The second part of the session, an interactive Q&A, was hosted by PWN-USA’s Naina Khanna and HJN’s Supervisory Board member, Paul Kidd.

Watch the entire show as a playlist on the HIV Justice Network’s YouTube channel.