Fast Track Cities

The HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE coalition had a significant presence at the Fast-Track Cities 2023 conference in Amsterdam, which was organised by the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), in collaboration with UNAIDS and other partners.

Our satellite meeting, ‘Not A Criminal: Safe Cities for All People Living with HIV’ explored the question “safer for whom?” in the context of policing and criminalisation and featured presentations and case studies from ARASA, GNP+, HIV Legal Network and the HIV Justice Network.

In addition, HJN’s ED, Edwin J Bernard represented civil society on the conference’s high-level panel, ‘Inclusivity as Driver: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Implementing SDG 11′,  which also featured mayors of eleven cities from around the world, and also led the session, ‘Science-Based: Creating Legal Frameworks to Quash and Mitigate HIV Criminalization’.

HJN’s Senior Policy Analyst, Alison Symington, and GNP+’s co-ED, Florence Riako Anam, also served as panelists in the session ‘#SayZero and U=U: Innovative Win-Win Strategies to Accelerate Global HIV Targets’ hosted by Prevention Access Campaign, with GNP+’s Florence Anam also participating in the community panel, ‘Love Without Fear: Promoting Inclusivity to Realize the Rights to Dignity, Health, and Wellbeing.’