Fifth HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Strategy Meeting takes place for first time in Amsterdam

This year’s HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Strategy Meeting was our largest yet, with many participants from around the world reflecting on the global movement to end HIV criminalisation.

Participants (pictured) included:

Gonzalo Aburto (Sero), Sylvie Beaumont (HJN), Edwin J Bernard (HJN), Sally Cameron (HJN), Georgina Caswell (GNP+), Nyasha Chingore (ARASA), Richard Elliott (Legal Network), Kené Esom (UNDP), Julian Hows (HJN), Cecile Kazatchkine (Legal Network), Naina Khanna (PWN-USA), Paul Kidd (HJN Supervisory Board), Svitlana Moroz (Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS, representing ICW), Lisa Power (HJN Supervisory Board), Mianko Ramaroson (UNAIDS), Sean Strub (Sero), Alexandra Volgina (GNP+), Dymfke van Lanen (HJN), and Rebekah Webb (HJN).

In addition, Ferenc Bagyinszky (AAE), Tambudzai Gonese (SALC), Victoria Grandsoult (UNITE), Ibrahim Kassoumou (Coordination de lutte intersectorielle contre les IST/VIH/SIDA); Anneke Meerkotter (SALC); and Alexander McClelland (HJN Global Advisory Panel) also joined by video conference, which was hosted by Nicholas Feustel (Georgetown media).