Fourth HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Strategy Meeting takes place in Brighton

This year’s HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Strategy Meeting – our fourth and the last to be convened in Brighton, UK –  reflected on the global impact of HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE so far, and explored how to move forward to build on the momentum and increased visibility of the movement to end HIV criminalisation. Among the many challenges and successes discussed it was noted that the Expert Consensus Statement had been used by organisations in the following countries:

  • KELIN to challenge unjust HIV law in Kenya.
  • People Plus in Belarus in their advocacy to the Health & Justice Department.
  • A coalition of organisations has used it in the recent Zimbabwe symposium on HIV and the law, which included representative of the legislature and judiciary.
  • ALCS in Morocco in their advocacy with the prosecutor’s office, with national security and with the judiciary. They are also planning some capacity building work for judges and prosecutors.
  • It has been used in Canada in engaging with Federal Attorney General to get prosecutorial guidelines; it has been shared directly with every Attorney General in the country, some of whom have begun to respond; it has been profiled as a reference in the Medical Association Journal.