HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day

On 28th February 2024, HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day – which began two years ago in the United States – became an international day for the first time.

HIV Is Not A Crime Awareness Day was an opportunity to amplify the voices of those who have been criminalised based on their HIV status; to remind people of the negative impacts of HIV criminalisation on health and rights; to celebrate the work of many individuals who are part of the growing global movement to end HIV criminalisation; and to recognise that there’s still much to do to achieve HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE.

The HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE coalition issued a statement inviting the world to stand with us in solidarity and action as we strive to eliminate the unjust criminalisation of people based on their HIV-positive status.

The theme, “You care about ending HIV criminalisation – you just don’t know it yet!” was also reflected in a wide range of global activities that included a special episode of the HIV Justice Networks’ webshow, HIV Justice Live! as well as events that took place throughout the United States and in the UK Houses of Parliament.

The day also attracted a significant amount of social media presence in multiple languages around the world.