HIV Is Not A Crime Training Academy – Where advocacy successes are made and celebrated

The summer of 2021 saw a huge amount of activity in the US movement to end HIV criminalisation, led by HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee members,  Sero Project and PWN-USA, amongst others.

Illinois became only the second US state ever to completely repeal its HIV criminalisation law, which had been on the books since 1989. Nevada modernised its HIV criminalisation law, and in Michigan, a county prosecutor ordered a review of all prosecutions brought under the state’s law before it was modernised in 2019.

All of these successes were nurtured at previous HIV is a not a Crime Training Academies (HINAC, for short) and celebrated at HINAC4 which took place virtually in June. Sessions at HINAC4 supported and galvanising activists working for HIV, racial and gender justice across the US.  Watch all the incredible sessions that took place at HINAC4 here.

Of note, Sero Board member and HIV criminalisation survivor Kerry Thomas, currently incarcerated in Idaho, addressed HINAC4 from prison. Although Kerry had been able to present by phone at previous national and international events, this was the first time anyone had been able to both see and hear Kerry.