HIV Justice Academy launched

The HIV Justice Academy, created by the HIV Justice Network on behalf of HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE, is a freely-available global learning and resource hub designed to support people who want to be part of the movement to end HIV criminalisation.

With its accessible written and video resources, the idea behind the HIV Justice Academy is to engage a growing community of HIV justice activists and advocates, providing timely and accessible learning, tools and resources, so that progressive change in legal and policy environments for people living with HIV at national, regional, and international levels can be achieved.

At the heart of the HIV Justice Academy is the HIV Criminalisation Online Course which provides a global overview of HIV criminalisation, useful for anyone who is interested in learning more about HIV criminalisation and how to advocate effectively against it. You can also find practical Action Toolkits and a Resource Library – an archive of the movement’s most important materials.

Launched initially in English, the Academy is also now available in French, Spanish and Russian.