Mwayi’s Story: a short film about courage, women’s rights, and HIV justice

Mwayi’s Story is a story about courage, and about women standing up for their rights.

The film is based on the story of a woman in Malawi who was prosecuted for briefly breastfeeding another woman’s baby and the subsequent successful advocacy in Malawi to prevent an HIV criminalisation statute being passed. Ultimately, Mwayi’s Story is about HIV justice.

Mwayi’s Story was produced by the HIV Justice Network on behalf of HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE.  It is in English with French, Russian and Spanish subtitles.

Mwayi’s Story can be used as an awareness-raising and educational resource in classes, webinars and workshops. A Discussion Guide is available to help facilitators lead conversations before and after viewing the film. The guide provides some background and then poses a number of questions to stimulate thought and discussion.

Mwayi’s Story is part of our ongoing work to end the criminalisation of women living with HIV for breastfeeding and comfort nursing, including our Breastfeeding Defence Action Toolkit – one of six Action Toolkits in the HIV Justice Academy.