Submission to International Commission of Jurists’ (ICJ): principles on the misuse of criminal law

HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE provided a submission to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) who are developing principles on the misuse of criminal law and the detrimental impact of the criminalisation of conduct related to sexuality, reproduction, drug use and HIV in order to guide legal practice and law reform as a means to improve the health, equality and human rights of people living with HIV and associated populations.

This submission was prepared based on discussions that occurred during a meeting of the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee (see below) in Brighton, England in February 2019. A half-day workshop was convened to gain input from participating Steering Committee members with facilitated discussion focusing on both core and thematic questions. This process provided members with the opportunity to hear from each other and to consider their positions in relation to others’, before deciding on a shared position.

Download and read the submission here.