Third HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Strategy Meeting takes place in Brighton

At our third HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE strategy meeting, our growing number of partners and supporters spent three days discussing ways to work closer together to further enhance the capacity of advocates to challenge and influence law-, policy- and decision-makers to prevent or stop unjust use of criminal laws against people living with HIV.

This time, due to increasing regional participation, we used streaming technology to bring partners from around the world into our seafront meeting room Brighton, and vice versa.

An asterisk* denotes HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee member.

(L-R): Raoul Fransen (Supervisory Board, HIV Justice Network) Lisa Power (Supervisory Board, HIV Justice Network), Seth Earn (AIDS Free World*); Mianko Ramaroson (UNAIDS); Ferenc Bagyinszky (AIDS Action Europe*), Sylvie Beaumont (Research/Outreach Co-ordinator, HIV Justice Network); Kene Esom (UNDP); Nicholas Feustel (Video Advocacy Consultant, HIV Justice Network); Omar Syarif (GNP+); Sally Cameron (Senior Policy Analyst, HIV Justice Network*); Alexandra Volgina (GNP+*); Annabel Raw (SALC*); Oratile Moseki (International HIV/AIDS Alliance); Richard Elliott (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network*); Sean Strub (Sero Project*); Cecile Kazatchkine (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network*); Lynette Mabote (ARASA*); Michaela Clayton (ARASA*); and Edwin J Bernard (Global Co-ordinator, HIV Justice Network*).

Other participants at the meeting, but not pictured here, were: Stéphanie Claivaz-Lorager (independent consultant); Naina Khanna (Positive Women Network-USA*); Paul Kidd (Supervisory Board, HIV Justice Network), Rebecca Matheson-Omondi (International Community of Women Living with HIV*); and Svitlana Moroz (Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS).